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As an independent film company, Little Magic Films has stood at the crossroads of East and West for more than 20 years. The company began by acquiring films, mostly at script stage, for a distributor in Japan (Amuse Pictures which was acquired and became Toshiba Entertainment, which later became Showgate).


These pre-buy deals often brought crucial funding to projects that went on to become commercial success, as well as more than a few award-winners. In the words of Roman Polanski, “Without Japan and Germany, The Pianist wouldn’t have been made.”

Currently, Little Magic develops properties in a creative capacity and arranges financing for international co-productions in film, TV and new media. The company is committed to producing quality theatrical feature films, TV films and series. Throughout the process the emphasis is on original, entertaining storylines that have the potential for wider commercial success in international markets. 

Because of its unique position as a US-based company with ties to Asia, Little Magic has access to financing and talent across three continents. The company has strong, ongoing relationships in Asian markets (such as Japan, Korea, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Thailand) and is able to take advantage of opportunities in a region that is vibrant, dynamic and increasingly affluent. 

Having recently concluded a number of deals to produce English-language remakes of Asian properties, Little Magic Films continues to bridge East and West.



6500 Moore Drive

Los Angeles, CA 90048

tel/fax: 323 . 424 . 4822

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